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The purchase of real estate is often the most significant financial transaction a person will ever engage in. Whether purchasing your home, a commercial investment property, your dream vacation home or obtaining the financing necessary to acquire any of them, talk to your attorney first. In a real estate transaction, your attorney is the only person that works solely in your best interest. Today’s real estate transactions involving realtors, bankers, and mortgage companies often are structured by those professionals in a way to prevent you from obtaining proper legal representation. They may even tell you that you don’t need an attorney. Many will refer you to their self owned settlement agents and mortgage companies in the hopes that nothing gets in the way of receiving their fees as quickly as possible. Do not fall into that trap. Call us first! We have a vast array of contacts whom we will be glad to refer you for services and we will never accept a referral fee, bonus or other compensation for doing so. Your best interest is our motivation.

Pennsylvania Land Exchange Corporation

The law partners of Byler & Winkle established an abstracting and settlement company in 1997 to process and handle all aspects of a real estate settlement for our clients. Pennsylvania Land Exchange searches the title of the property, determines whether the current owners have mortgages, liens, unpaid taxes or other claims against the property that you would otherwise be unaware of. In Pennsylvania title insurance rates are approved and set by the Pennsylvania Insurance Commission, therefore consumers cannot shop for title insurance based on varying prices between providers. All providers of settlement services must charge the same amount for title insurance. Why not have your own attorney place the title insurance and handle the settlement, it costs the same amount as having anyone else settle the transaction. Speak to us BEFORE you talk a realtor or banker about your real estate acquisition ideas. Call 717-560-6330 Ext: 0 to speak to an attorney.


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